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Polair Air Pipe Systems offers an economical, clean, safe, long lasting method of reticulating compressed air throughout a workplace. We believe this system has revolutionized the pneumatic industry like PVC water pipe changed the garden reticulation industry.

Polair Air Pipe Systems will offer you answers to your workplace problems that you never thought possible. The savings you will make in running costs and man time as well as the flexibility of the system will pay for itself in a very short time.

Polair Air Pipe Systems has just too many advantages not to be chosen over the more traditional metal pipe systems of the past.

Polair Air Pipe Systems was designed specifically for the reticulation of compressed air, it meets and surpasses all Australian Standards and is the only "polymer system" to be totally Australian Made.


Polair air pipe & fittings are identified by size and are manufactured strictly to quality control procedures.

Polair air pipe & fittings are manufactured from premium quality materials thus giving optimum performance.

Polair air pipe & fittings meet and surpass all Australian Standards and meet WorkSafe requirements.

Polair air pipe is light blue, the International Standard colour for identification of compressed air reticulation.

A Polair Air Pipe System will eliminate the need for many metres of air hose lying on the floor of a workshop causing a potential work hazard to employees.


Polair air piping is so simple that small operators can install it themselves.

Polair air piping is light in weight and semi-flexible making routing of systems simple. It can easily be fixed to walls, beams, rafters, channels, etc.

Polair air piping offers opportunities of routing via methods that cannot be contemplated using traditional metal pipe systems.

Polair air piping connections are simple "compression fittings" making installation and design easy.

No specialised tools are needed to install a Polair Air Pipe System.

Design your own Polair Air Pipe System or call one of our qualified installers to come and design a system to best suit your needs.

Keeping Australian's Working